An exclusive membership that brings you the best of Saddlerock and Saddlerock Estate wines while offering a personalized and rewarding experience.



Perks beyond the pour

No Membership Fee + 20% Off

No hidden fees and 20% off all wines. Free shipping or pick up.

Choose the wines you want, when you want

No more settling for pre-selected shipments or wines that don’t quite suit your taste. As a member, you have the power to personalize your wine selection. You can opt for monthly deliveries to keep your wine rack well-stocked, choose bi-monthly shipments for a more balanced pace, or decide on quarterly deliveries for a curated and special experience.

Loyalty Points

With each purchase, you’ll earn dollar-for-dollar loyalty points that can be redeemed for tastings or experiences at our tasting room. This means you can explore new wines, savor old favorites, and indulge in tasting room experiences with the rewards you earn.

Exclusive Events

Being part of our wine club means you gain entry to our exclusive member events. These gatherings offer you the opportunity to meet fellow wine enthusiasts, try exclusive wines, and enjoy unique experiences reserved solely for our members.

Bottle and glass of Saddlerock red wine on a barrel

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the wine club cost?

There is no membership fee to join the club. You just pay for the wines you want! A minimum purchase of three bottles per club order is required.

What are the benefits?

As a member of the wine club, you can take advantage of our dollar-for-dollar loyalty point system, 20% OFF on wine and tasting room purchases, 20% off Malibu Wine Hikes vineyard tours, exclusive member events, and wine releases.

How do I earn loyalty points?

Club members earn one point for every dollar spent through your wine club account. You can order online or through a wine club representative at our tasting room.

How can I redeem loyalty points?

Points can be redeemed on glasses and flights of both Saddlerock wines and draft beer. Head over to our tasting room to redeem your points at our member bar! They can also be redeemed for select tasting room experiences and events. To redeem for experiences please contact us!

Do you ship out of state?

Unfortunately, we are limited to shipping within California. Please make sure to have a valid California address to ship your wines to. We cannot ship to P.O. boxes – an adult 21+ must be available to sign for the delivery.

How do I cancel my membership?

We are sad to see you go! Membership cancellations can be made at any time (at least 24 hours before your next processing date) by submitting a cancellation request via email. Should you wish to skip a club order or put your account on hold, please let us know! When a cancellation occurs, all member benefits including the use of loyalty points will end at that time.

What happens if my wine shipments gets returned?

If your shipment gets returned back to us, you have the option of picking up your shipment from one of our locations, including your wines in your next shipment at no charge, or re-shipping your wines immediately with a fee. We always recommend creating a Fedex Delivery Manager account to get shipping updates, make changes and contact Fedex directly. Please note, we hold returned shipments for 90-days from the return date

What is your return policy?

We will replace or refund you for any bottle of wine that is damaged, flawed, or that the customer finds unsatisfactory. We ask the customer to return the unfinished portion of the original bottle for replacement. By law, we cannot accept returns of alcoholic beverages unless the product is corked, or flawed. We are also unable to accept the return of wine that was damaged due to adverse weather conditions during shipment, or wine that was ordered in error. Please email us to arrange for an exchange

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