Spring Wine Cocktails

Warm weather and cool evenings bring sweet daydreams of summer in Malibu, and around Saddlerock Ranch, everything is abuzz with a little more life. And, speaking of a buzz, a new season demands a new menu for budding mixologists and experienced bartenders alike.

Experiment this spring with some floral-inspired wine cocktails that will refresh your palate and your spirit. Of course, these tasty concoctions are for adults only!


By Ginny Other Name

1 part gin

1 part sparkling rose

0.5 part St. Germain

0.5 part fresh lemon juice

Splash of soda

Martini glass

Pour everything except the soda over crushed ice and stir quickly to chill and blend. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a sprig of thyme.

This cocktail is bright, refreshing, and just plain pretty to look at. Layers of flavor from the complex St. Germain and a smooth-sweet rose will unfold in the herbal freshness of gin for a delightful spring time lunch cocktail.


Calimocho (Kalimotxo)

1 part red wine (merlot or cabernet)

1 part Coca-cola

Fresh lime wedge

Large ice cubes

Collins class

Literally just pour the wine over ice in glass, top with soda, and give a gentle stir. Garnish with lime.

I thought my friend was out of her mind the first time she ordered this as a nightcap at local arcade bar. It’s a Spanish classic that has hipsters everywhere uncovering a new guilty pleasure. The two heavy, sweet drinks combine for a surprisingly refreshing cocktail that can carry you from spring to summer. Do brush your teeth after.


Blackberry Cucumber Sangria

2-3 Tbsp. fresh blackberry jam

¼ cup blackberry schnapps

1 lime, cut into thin rounds

1 cucumber, cut into thin rounds

5-6 mint leaves

1/8 cup of cane sugar

1 bottle Sauvignon blanc or similar


Add jam, lime, cucumber, sugar, schnapps and mint leaves to the bottom of a pitcher. Muddle well. Add wine and mix thoroughly. Serve over ice in a wine glass and garnish with frozen blackberries.

This is a sweet and refreshing take on the classic sangria ingredients. Once you get the basic fruit-brandy-wine concept down, you can customize this year-round delight for every season.

Wine lovers: never forget how truly beautiful your beloved wines can be alongside other flavor-filled liqueurs and fruits. Amplify the unique notes that distinguish your favorite wines in a cocktail all your own this spring, and watch a new love for mixing come into full bloom.