Wild World of Wine Stoppers

Ice cream sundaes have cherries on top. Cupcakes have sprinkles. And, while not quite as appetizing, wine bottles have wine stoppers. Since some people apparently don’t finish a bottle within hours of opening it (yes, the myth has been verified), artisans and kitchenware companies alike have endeavored to create more permanent cork substitutes to preserve your wine over a few days. Wine stoppers range from the innovatively functional to the purely ornamental, offering oenophiles a variety of options to keep their wine fresh and flavorful.

Here are a few of our curated favorites.

The Cute and Trendy

Enamel is all the rage right now, and with summer coming up, it’s time to cash in on this kitschy trend in your kitchen. Creative party vendor Beau Coup offers anchor, flamingo, pineapple, and banana leaf wine stoppers with a simple enamel embellishment on the traditional metal and rubber cone stopper.

These are the perfect party decoration to keep wine fresh and prevent spills at summer soirees.

The Oenophile

These hot items have sold out for all 50 states, but they’re too good not to keep an eye on. In Malibu, you can never have enough of the Golden State when it comes to your wine, so stock up on these sleek slate stoppers. Their rustic, earthy design makes them adaptable to any party or kitchen motif.

Added benefit: chalk works wonderfully on these slate pieces, which allows you to make the varietal obvious to your guests. Slate, however, can be delicate, so take care of these crafty wine stoppers and don’t just throw them in the utensils drawer. Grab these stoppers by Steven Chavez and Justin English on Uncommon Goods.  

The Multi-Tool

We’ve all got that one friend who could dress for survival in the Amazonian jungles, but refuses to clean up for the ball. They’re painfully practical, but we can’t help but love them. That’s kind of how Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 fits in amongst wine stoppers.

This extremely utilitarian invention lets you…wait for it…pour, stop, aerate, filter, and recork. It’s not the prettiest, but at just $5.50, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s also garnered some pretty good reviews, average 4.5 stars from more than 200 customers.

The High Brow

Rabbit is widely recognized as a leader in wine technology that is both elegant and practical. Rabbit’s brilliant assortment of wine stoppers are no exception, and one in particular (the “Electric Preserver”) stands out for its ability to repressurize and vacuum seal your wine.

Simply use one of the rubber stoppers with the vacuum unit, which lets you know when your wine has been properly preserved. This is the closest you can get to undoing your uncorking, but it comes at a hefty price: $75 for the stopping system. But, is that such a price to pay to slow the clock on oxidizing for your favorite fine wine?

There are dozens of other varieties of wine stoppers out there that include artisanal blown glass ornamentation, stoppers that double as pourers, and simple cork plugs. Find the stopper that suits you!