Coolest Corkscrews for the Money

We’ve all experienced the exquisite agony of a situation like this. Good friends are due to arrive for dinner any minute. It’s time to pull out that robust Cabernet Sauvignon you’ve been saving for the occasion. As you start open the bottle to let it ‘breathe,’ the corkscrew breaks. Good thing you have a back up… right?

Wine openers are an essential, and sometimes overlooked, part of enjoying wine. No matter how amazing the varietal promises to be, there is no way to enjoy it without first opening the bottle. So, if you’re looking to buy a new opener for yourself or as a gift, we’ve scoured the internet to find the coolest corkscrews your money can buy.


Classic or traditional corkscrew

Consisting of a spiral (often called the worm) attached to a handle, this is the oldest and most straightforward design, with the first known patent dating back to 1795.

It’s simple to use. Just screw the worm into the cork, then pull on the handle until it pops out. While this style requires a good bit of arm strength, the design options for the handle can make it a worthwhile and stylish addition to your wine cabinet.

Featuring an intricately gnarled grape vine root, this vintage corkscrew from France is a showpiece you’ll want to display.



Waiter’s corkscrew

Also called a wine key, this design adds leverage to make pulling out the cork easier. It’s compact and portable, which means it’s easy for wait staff or sommelier to carry around. These openers come in single and double-hinged versions, but you’ll want the added ease of the double hinge. It  also requires a bit of practice as it’s easy to insert the worm off center, which could result in a broken cork.

If you’re looking for design-forward options, RBT launched a sleek barware collection in the fall of 2016. With clean lines and superior quality, they have managed to reimagine and elevate the humble waiter’s corkscrew.



Winged Corkscrew

This classic is easily the most widely recognized opener. Certainly every wine mom in America had one at one time. It’s a great option for synthetic cork removal as it tends to leave behind cork crumbs when used on brittle corks of vintage wines. However, because the guide fits over the bottle, there is less of a learning curve as there is with the waiter’s corkscrew.

Again, RBT comes through with another option from their exquisite 2016 barware collection. There is no recognizable elements of the original winged version, but the quality and minimalist design are worth the investment.



Lever Corkscrew

Hands-down , the lever corkscrew is the easiest manual handheld corkscrew. In one fluid push- up- pull-down motion, you can extract any cork.

Rabbit is by far the leader in lever corkscrew manufacturing. Their impressive, VIP model js made of die-cast metal and comes with a leather presentation case and a 10-year warranty.

If you have a bar in your home, you may want to consider the Estate table mounted wine opener. With a antique bronze finish and table (or wooden stand) mounting options, it creates the feeling of a winery tasting room.



Electric Corkscrew

It doesn’t get any easier with an electric corkscrew; if you can press a button, you can open a bottle of wine.

The rechargeable, cordless opener by Oster is rated best in this category. Featuring an ergonomic design, and sturdy construction it can open 30 bottles on one charge.


Wine corkscrews and openers can range in style and price. What’s most important is finding the right one for you. Good luck and happy hunting.