The most romantic of all holidays, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection. The typical gifts exchanged on this day include candy, flowers and cards.  Not that there’s anything wrong with gifts like these, but if  you’re looking for something a little different that is sure to delight your favorite wine lover, consider one or two of these options.


Gifts for the practical oenophile

Wine charms are always a perfect gift for anyone who loves wine and likes to host parties. These conversation heart wine charms add a unique accent to any soiree. Pair them with a full-bodied red, and you’re sure to score some points.

Celebrate the two of you with the You & Me Photo Frame Wine Topper. Slide in a 4x6 (or smaller) picture of you and your loved one into the frame to let them know how much they mean to you.

Consider commemorating the day with your favorite vintage bearing a custom label or custom engraving. You can share the wine and keep the bottle to remind you of that special day.


A taste of the romantic

Aphrodisiac pairings are a perfect way to make the most of your Valentine’s Day celebration. Consider starting off your evening with the most famous aphrodisiac, raw oysters and classic mignonette paired with a bright Cava. 

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are almost a given. While chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac, the typical waxy offerings found in drugstore Valentine’s hearts are as sexy as a cardboard box. Brix chocolate offers quality candy specially formulated to pair with wine. Their website will guide you toward the perfect chocolate and wine pairing.


Experience the love

There is nothing more romantic than surprising your special someone with an adventure. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it should  include a good bottle of wine. Surprise your love by blindfolding them (get their approval) and leading them to a romantic lunch set up in the backyard. Make sure to have a good bottle of Prosecco DOC chilling. It’s a simple and delicious accompaniment to a light midday meal.

A picnic hike to a secluded spot with an incredible view is a great way to surprise your special someone (or perhaps a visit to the idyllic Saddlerock Ranch!). Consider packing no-fuss charcuterie and bread as they can be enjoyed without the hassle of utensils and plates. A light bodied Beaujolais or Italian Lambrusco will pair well with the spicy salami, fatty prosciutto and rich cheeses.

If your goal is to impress your lover right out of their pants, treat them to a romantic lunch or dinner ride on the historic Napa Valley wine train. You and your special someone can experience the luxurious comfort of antique pullman cars while enjoying a sumptuous meal as the the lush Napa landscape rolls by.


According to the Wine Train website, highlights include: 


●      Welcome glass of sparkling wine

●      Multiple course Napa-style gourmet meal

●      Journey on the Wine Train

●      Strolling violinist on dinner tour

●      Private tour and tasting (winery tours only)

No matter who your special someone is, let them know on Valentine’s Day and every day that they are special to you.




Conversation heart charms

You and Me photo wine topper

Custom label or engraved bottle

Raw oysters and mignonette

Brix chocolate

Adventure wine tote