As always, we’re here for you as you prep your wardrobe for the cozy climes of autumn, Malibu style. This season, we’re taking a page from a high fashion eye in cinema with a style guide inspired by the wardrobe from Tom Ford’s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man. This timeless, yet relevant fall look will give you all the sophistication you need with all the simplicity you desire. 

Bolds and Nudes

Fashion forward folk will appreciate challenging what traditional notions of art and color tell us “matches.”  This fall, invoke warmth with earth tone or skin tone sweaters, with big, bold, colorful geometric elements in electric shades of intense orange and deep blue. Sweater dresses for feminine looks and turtlenecks for the masculine look are the perfect canvases for this mid-century modern design aesthetic.  Look to the ever-classy and slightly unhinged Charlie for some ideas on how to mix what appears to clash. Don’t neglect her fiery orange hair when assessing how these contrasting colors can work together.

Work Whites

Wearing white after Labor Day is a tough line to skirt. Many say it only applies to shoes, dresses and pants, but some take it a step further. As long as you don’t dress for a Hampton’s Summer White Party, you’re safe opting for some off-white additions.

A young Nicholas Hoult delivers some dashing good looks in white. While his insanely blue eyes will likely transfix you, try to pay attention to his ultra clean style that could be easily seen on today’s runway. We first meet Hoult’s character, Roger, as he reclines in a field wearing a soft, brushed fuzzy white sweater. The bone white color is an amazing compliment to a sun-kissed Malibu glow. His character’s clothes offer the sort of androgynous qualities that can inform anyone’s style as they make white work by picking warm textures and slight yellow casts.


Combat boots have gotten a lot of attention in recent years with masculine trends in women’s looks and a return to utilitarian silhouettes in rompers and jumpsuits. Toss these clunky boots aside this year, and opt for a clean pair of camel suede Chelsea boots. These comfortable, practical shoes will work with nearly any outfit, offering a neutral base that, much like the brushed white sweater, uses texture and tonal variation to add nuanced flair to any outfit.

Back in Black

If there is one piece of style that should survive the 60s and 70s, it’s the thick, black glasses popularized by icons like Joan Didion and Jackie Kennedy. We’re not talking your typical summer ray-ban wayfarer; no, we mean some serious, face-shielding Chanel numbers. George, played by Colin Firth, adapts this iconic accessory with his everyday optical wear. The bold frames give the mature main character a sense of youth and relevance. Whether you use glasses to see or to shade, consider stepping up the thickness of your frames and the size of your lenses this fall with some blacked-out shades.

With a focus on more neutral palettes, accessory choices are endless. We recommend some subtle gold metallics to mesh with the warmer colors we gravitate toward in fall. Add in some natural earthstones to create a cohesive look that will keep you feeling warm and looking cool all autumn long.