Back in spring, we gave you some practical tips for picnicking, including pairing and packing for the journey. Since then, the weather has only gotten better, and we’ve introduced some new wines that make for a perfect picnic libation. Check out these three picnic-perfect recipes and the wines that love them for your next outdoor dining excursion.

Melon and Prosciutto Skewers with Riesling

Skewers have gotten hella fancy in more recent years. This concept of stacking ingredients allows for a bit of a new take on the “bite-sized” food phenomenon, and chefs are using this deconstructed approach to pair incredible flavors in easy-to-eat ways.

This skewer is a filling, yet light, a combination that makes a perfect picnic companion. Salty prosciutto and sweet, grassy melon with a light sprinkle of cilantro is all that constitutes this delicious handheld snack. The contrasting flavors and textures play together wonderfully in a savory and refreshing bite that is will remain delicious throughout the day.

Sweet and mild 2016 Saddlerock Riesling is meant for a snack like this. Amplifying the melon and complimenting the prosciutto, the honey and pear of a Riesling add the juiciness called for by salty cured meat.

Greek Tomato Cucumber Salad with Cabernet

Salads with greens are just not the most picnic-friendly thing in the world. Despite our love for the vegetal flair of a delicious field green mix, practicality and portability are key considerations for a picnic.

A cucumber and tomato salad is a great, hearty alternative. Made with two vegetables strong in flavor and crunchy in texture, this base can be dressed up in a variety of ways. This summer, we say “Go Greek!” Introducing salty feta, olives, and a dressing of dill, vinegar and olive oil, you’ll have a salad bursting with palate-stimulating flavors.

Herby, hearty and altogether lovely, this salad goes well with red or white wine. Since the dressing is red wine vinegar-based, we’re recommending our wonderfully mild and earthy 2016 Semler Cabernet Sauvignon with sweet currant and the bite of tannins. The heartiness of tomatoes and olives along with the tang of feta is a great backsplash for a richer, full-bodied wine like Cabernet.

Chocolate Filled Strawberries

In 2017, novelty in food generally has to be something crazy in order to seem truly noteworthy. This one, however, was definitely a “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” moment.

Dessert is a necessary picnic accompaniment, and fruit is a particularly wonderful sweet treat for the outdoors. Chocolate covered strawberries are a picnic nightmare, however, so some genius decided on chocolate filled strawberries instead. This inversion on a classic keeps the most flavorful part of the strawberry and carves out the bitter core to replace it with silky sweet chocolate. There’s really not much to say—it’s an excellent idea, and here’s how to execute it for your next picnic date.

Heighten the romance with our nonvintage Saddlerock Sparkling Rosé. Crisp cherry and apple with accompany you and your sweetheart through the sunset as you savor the chocolate centers of tart and sweet strawberries.