Do you remember when skinny jeans first came on the scene? The appallingly fitted denim shocked the consciences of many whose love of jeans stemmed from their unsurpassed practicality.

Now, most people’s wardrobe is replete with skinnies—cut-offs or otherwise. The good news? They’re still fashionable. The less good news, if you happened to purge your closet of whatever Brenda and Brandon Walsh were wearing? Those looser-fitting pieces are making a comeback, along with a few neo-punk trends.

Here are some style tips to keep you fresh, fly, cool and comfy this summer, ladies and gents.


The Romper That One-Piece (For Him) 

If you haven't heard, male rompers are officially a thing this summer and the internet is going nuts over the new style for men. The garment dividing the nation might or might not actually be a romper but a urinal-friendly separate that just happens to match.  For those who do want the one-piece no hassle comfort of a romper but with options, there's the Kickstarter internet wonder project, RompHim.  Many other brands are going full-speed ahead as well.  A personal favorite is the Sheehan and Co. Summer Jumpsuit. Check out 5 Real Guys Who Put Rompers to the Test.  Umm, hello people, t's called Fashun. 

 Pale Threads, Tan Skin

Muted pink. Vintage vibes. Summer frills. Across the board, everyday wear is dialed down this summer, but certainly not plain. We’re seeing clothes clothes that hang loosely in vibrant hues with a hint of “I turned the fade all the way up in my Instagram filter.”

I’m particularly keen on the pink/beige/flesh-tone colors that make a good tan pop and pair nicely with an overwashed denim. You can check out some unique pale pink for the ladies at LA-based ASTARS. This palette is cool and perfectly understated for lunch dates on the Boulevard and brunch dates at Saddlerock Ranch.

Flourish in Florals

A floral print is a risk on the runway or red carpet. These bold patterns come in and out of fashion, and each season they’re in, we see them looking a little bit different. There’s been “small, handpainted kitchen towel” flowers. There’s been “watercolor wonderland” flowers. And there’s been “I’m going to wear one really big flower.”

This year, we’re seeing a little retro flare, hearkening back to the days of mom and dad doing who-knows-what in Haight-Asbury. These florals are not even trying to be subtle, bursting with all sorts of colors and patterns. See some high fashion examples over at WhoWhatWear, and be inspired to put some spring in your summer look.

Men, think about incorporating a wild floral pocket square into your blazer, worn over a plain white shirt for a cocktail party or evening wine tasting in the ‘Bu. Or, on casual Fridays at the office, keep it classy with a floral tie.

 The Dad Hat

Trying to stay out of the hat this summer?  Go with the "Dad" Hat, The Kind-Of Weird, Kind-Of Cool Trend Infiltrating Our Closets. Swapping a flower crown for a simple logo dad hat seems to be the way to go. Perfect for keeping the sun off the skin, hiding the tell-tale signs of late-night parties, masquerading any bad-hair days and a great selfie prop, the baseball cap is essentially the perfect all-year-round accessory. Love Malibu Wines, love theirStanley cap by Branded Bills

 Play with Platinum

We thought the Slim Shady days were far, far behind us. And, for better or worse, we were wrong. The bleached do is making a curious comeback.

This is a daring and rather permanent style choice, but stars from Zayn Malik to Katy Perry have been dabbling in the bleach, and we’re living for it. Nothing is quite as summer, or quite as SoCal, as a shiny mane of white-blonde hair. Those with edgier style are giving us a partial or total fade with just a hint of roots. If you like experimenting with your hair, this is definitely one to consider for a bold switch-up.