The good things in life are worth celebrating. Don’t you agree?

So, when something brings people together, bolsters the economies of states and communities, inspires art, transcends history and is just really, really tasty, it deserves a day all to itself. On May 25, from Atlantic to Pacific, we celebrate National Wine Day.

As your resident wine fanatics, we’ve got some fantastic ways for you to celebrate, starting with expanding your wine horizons. And, if you're keeping it simple, just pour a glass of your favorite wine on May 25 to participate in National Wine Day

 Try a New Varietal

Are you a dyed-in-the-wool sauvignon blanc or cabernet drinker? Make National Wine Day your moment to switch it up and delve into some lesser known, but equally as gratifying, varietals, like a sweet Riesling. Vinho verdes, muscats, syrahs and viogniers often get cast out of the limelight by their more popular red and white cousins. Give one (or two or three) of them a try.  

If you’re local to the LA-area, consider coming down to Malibu Wines for a wine flight, and cover lots of new ground in a stunning, cozy and natural setting.

Get Local

We love having folks in the Bu join us at the ranch or in one of our other tasting rooms to experience a quintessentially California wines.

Make it a point to visit some local wine producers or curators to try some new regional labels on National Wine Day. As a multi-billion dollar industry, viniculture is a major force in the American economy, and it supports hundreds of thousands of people’s livelihoods. Don’t miss out on this chance to show local and regional wine producers some love.

Make a Wine-spired Meal

Have you noticed that we’re absolutely crazy about cooking with wine? The complex and nuanced flavors of wine lend themselves so well to dressings, marinades and desserts that call for notes of fruit and spice.

Check out some of our light and hearty wine-infused recipes, and make a meal that will have family and friends singing your praises:

Pinot Noir-beque Pulled Pork Sandwich

Wine-spired Thanksgiving Dishes

Wine Gummy Bears

White Wine and Honey Apples

Red Wine Berry Compote

No matter what you do, endeavor to share National Wine Day with those people who bring you joy.