Confession time.

It's nothing to be ashamed of that you might know the standard size of a bottle of wine in both milliliters and ounces. For the record, it’s 750mL and approximately 25 fluid ounces. You might also like popsicles because you literally can’t have enough sugar in this life. and when it comes to summer heat, only icy treats will do.

Lately, I’ve been pleased to learn that each of my neuroses comes with some upsides that just so happen to include wine. Mind if I tell you about them?

40s of Wine

The “forty” is something of a legend, a symbol of excess for those “wild oats” days. But wine has a way of redeeming things, and we’re pretty sure this forty ounce bottle of rosé is going to be a move in the right direction for our oversized friend. The “Forty Ounce Rosé” is bottled up in France and sold right here in the States for those who want to have more than enough to go around. It’s part “pop-culture statement piece,” part “tonight’s gonna be a good night,” and part “something sophisticated.” Check out the splash this wine made on Delish.

Popsicles and Cocktails

I’m not entirely sure where to start with the popsicle renaissance, but suffice it to say, I’m about it. Living in warm weather virtually year-round is hardly worth complaining about, but when the heat kicks it up, I need to cool it down.

Enter Barton G.’s brilliant and refreshing orange-watermelon concoction. The visionary restaurant tops off this fruity cocktail with sparkling wine frozen by liquid nitrogen, which essentially gives you a carbonated swizzle stick that livens up your drink with bubbles and flavor.

This is doubtlessly one of the most novel and intelligent uses of sparkling wine I’ve seen in quite some time, and it makes for a perfectly good excuse to keep enjoying popsicles. Of course, Barton G.’s is no In-N-Out; you’ll probably make a visit here on special occasions. But it’s oh-so-worth-it.

Speaking of Popsicles

Dream Pops is a real good pal of ours, and real good pals make amazingly delicious wine-flavored popsicles. These guys have the aesthetic of the summer, and we’re really glad to have them at Malibu WInes, our tasting room, on weekends, serving up some frozen deliciousness. These popsicles are seriously next level, and we’re thrilled they added Berry Rosé and Pink Passion to their repertoire of flavors. #AnythingIsPopsicle will definitely be one of our hashtags for summer ’17.

Rewined Candles

We’ve chatted about the wine-spired candles briefly in an earlier post on holiday wine décor, but they remain one of the coolest ways to enjoy wine in a unique way in the comfort of your home.

First, these delightful additions are made out of recycled wine bottles, so they’re already environmentally conscious and socially responsible. The aesthetic coheres with cozy bohemian or chic minimalist vibes alike. Add to that the fact that as these candles burn, their scents are reminiscent of some of our most beloved varietals—including viognier and champagne.

In terms of simple but innovative wine concepts, these candles take the cake.

Know of some unique wine concepts in food, fashion, tech or lifestyle? Let us know.