One of life’s most pleasant surprises is arriving at your favorite drinking spot only to realize it’s trivia night. You quickly assemble with your friends, come up with some team name that is vaguely reminiscent of the band you almost started in high school.

Inevitably, the first question lulls you into a false sense of security, and within a round or two, the questions have grown so obscure, that unless your team contains a pop culture columnist, a rocket scientist, a historian and an ESPN commentator, you’re struggling a little bit.

As your resident friends in viniculture, it’s our duty to ensure that whenever a question comes up about wine, you have some facts in your back pocket that will make you the trivia MVP.

Top 5 Countries in Consumption Per Capita (Huffington Post)

1.     Vatican City

2.     Andorra

3.     France

4.     St. Pierre et Miquelon

5.     Slovenia

Top 5 Wine Producing US States (Wine America)

1.     California (783.0 million)

2.     Washington (34.7 million)

3.     New York (28.9 million)

4.     Pennsylvania (10.2 million)

5.     Oregon (8.0 million)

5 Ways to ‘Major’ in Wine

·      Agribusiness

·      Oenology and Viticulture

·      Wine Marketing

·      Wine Science

·      Farming

Fact to Remember

·      The grape industry is valued at $5 billion in the United States, which is 32% of the value of all citrus crops.  (Wine America)

·      The oldest winery is dated to 4100 BC in an Armenian cave. Consumption dates back to 7000 BC in China. (Scientific American)

·      Bacchus/Dionysus was the Greco-Roman god of wine…and debauchery.

·      The corkscrew dates back to 17th century England, but was first patented by Reverend Samuel Henshall in 1795. (Vinepair)

·      Glass wine bottles originated in Syria sometime around 3000 BC. (Wallafaces)

·      60% of wine’s carbon footprint is related to bottle-making. (Recycle Nation)

·      There are 9,114 total wineries in the US as of February 2017. This represent 4% year-over-year growth, a continued trend. (Wines & Vines)

·      Wine is created, most simply, by crushing grapes and exposing them to natural yeasts, which break down the sugars to alcohol and then die off naturally. (More Than Organic)

Read ‘em. Memorize ‘em. Know ‘em. We believe in you, and your ability to be the next trivia superstar and win some favors for the table.

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