Wine Picnic Tips

Springtime rarely gets credit for being a season fit for romance. The extra vitamin D coupled with longer days for adventure and fresh new blooms speaks of possibility. Even those who would always opt for indoors can’t help but be tempted by the warmth of spring. 

West coast spring is a particularly enchanting time, when parks and seashores beckon friends and “more-than-friends” alike to enjoy an enduring and increasingly posh tradition: the picnic (with wine, of course).

The picnic has its origins in the late 17th century, and emerged from something of a BYOB tradition where folks ferried their own wine to restaurants. Over time, the gatherings became less formal, but maintained the communal element of hosts or guests contributing to food and refreshment. 

Today, the picnic is heralded as a quintessential springtime date, but it is equally as a enjoyable for some personal time to unwind. You’ll find picnics at the top of our list this season for a delightful outdoor activity, and we’ve got some tips to make yours positively wine-spired. 

Prepare to Pair

The perfect picnic involves the proper balance of advance planning and fresh preparation. The necessity of travelling with your ideal basket of goodies frees you from the confines of kitchen and table, but also means that you’re stuck with what you bring. Our workaround? Taste test! Pick a familiar wine and consider what types of snacks and dishes will go best. Give them a go for an appetizer one night. 

A picnic lends itself well to hard cheese, nuts, fruit (berries and melons, in particular) and charcuterie—all things which can typically withstand some changes in temperature and go perfectly with many varietals—particularly the whites and rosés that become more popular during warmer seasons. 

Bring your Wine and Dine Tools

When packing wine for a picnic, be sure to include the essentials, including glasses and a corkscrew. For a more relaxed adventure, skip the stemmed wine glasses and opt for a stemless or even a (gasp!) plastic cup to avoid any potential mishaps. Do as much pre-slicing as you can at home, and keep utensils to a minimum; ideally, most things can be eaten right out of your basket. There are, of course, many quality screw top wines available these days, but just in case your favorite has a cork, don’t be afraid to pack some hardware. 

Picnic In Style

We’re way past the checkered blanket these days. Instead, select a vibrant, Desi-inspired blanket, sturdy enough to withstand the elements but soft enough to keep you comfy. Consider bringing some oversized pillows if the journey allows. Making a bed in nature will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that works wonders for your mind and spirit. 

Care for Your Wine

Wine is not keen on traveling. The movement, the sun and the heat are classic enemies to keeping wine in its optimal state. Do your best to mitigate by keeping your basket as cool as possible with icepacks or other cooling implements. Secure your wine bottle in your basket, and keep it packed and out of the sun when you aren’t pouring a glass. 

Whether you’re taking a personal day, or sharing the sunshine, have a wine-d up picnic this spring and uncork some goodness in the great outdoors.