In the warmer climates of California, spring (and maybe some pollen) is already in the air and I am putting away the spicy cabernet for steak dinners only.

As the flowers bloom, it’s only fitting we all sip on something a little softer and celebrate the arrival of spring.

The other day at lunch, my friends and I were having a chat about what our go-to unwinding wine is—that comforting, dependably good bottle that is easy to drink and makes us happy. We were sitting outside and a breeze was blowing, a faint chill kindly reminding us that spring was still making its grand entrance.

“Wine goes well with a lazy afternoon,” Savannah said.

“If it's crisp and cold,” Mike replied.

“My go to used to be white wine,” she said.

We all gave each other knowing looks, and almost in unison said, "But now it's Rosé.”

The mild, yet complex rosé blend is a crowd-pleaser for novices and connoisseurs alike. As it happens, I have a particular bottle of rosé that is my go-to for springtime soirees and primavera feasts: the 2013 Saddlerock Rosé of Zin.

Zinfandels, moscatos and the like have been shunned by wine snobs for quite some time now, but even top-notch winemakers are finding a booming market for rosé and its cousins. They’re lighter on the palette, considerably more versatile for pairing and, as they’re served cooler than reds, more friendly to springtime weather.

The Rosé of Zin is a beautiful explosion of flavor—quite truly the wine you must have for spring. The fruity layer is the delectable taste of strawberry and raspberry—rich fruits, with notable flavors. The sweet layer is vanilla and cherry. It’s a deceptively indulgent wine that is hard not to love. As you know, zinfandel grapes can be used to make a variety of wines, ranging from dry, sweet reds to fruity blush. This versatility means it packs a flavor profile that will appeal to folks like Savannah, who have yet to discover the joy of having their very own springtime wine.

Stop by one of our tasting rooms for a light flight, and enjoy the Rosé of Zin along with some other delectable vintages.