Lady Gaga to launch her own ‘Grigio Girls’ wine. 

If you missed Lady Gaga's recent performance at Super Bowl 2017's halftime show, Lady Gaga really wowed her audience with an unbeatable gymnastic set. This artist can sing, dance, and fly. And, now, it looks like she also wants to show everyone she's going to make great wine. 

Gaga's company has announced this week that they've filed to produce wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches under the name Grigio Girls, according to celebrity news site 

‘Grigio Girls’ is  the name of one of her bonus tracks on the 2016 album Joanne.  Not only does the song give a shout out to one wine, it's also "a special tribute to her friend Sonja, who is battling cancer. In an interview with last year, Gaga explained that the song "Grigio Girls" was all about women talking, crying, drinking, and sticking together, something she really needed at the time of her friend's diagnosis."  Not a lot of details have yet been confirmed but it seems safe to say that one varietal might be Pinot Grigio. And, when there is an official release date, we'll definitely be cheer-sing it.