The United States has no shortage of familiarity with California wines. The climate and geography of the Golden State gives west coast wine an enviable terroir across all the varietals grown there, and we’re oh-so-grateful for it

Names like Napa, Sonoma and even Santa Clara and Santa Barbara are well socialized in wine-loving circles. While these counties are major wine producers, they’re not the only vinicultural regions in California. Wine growing is a statewide industry, and us SoCal folks are here to remind you that LA, Temecula and even San Diego have some phenomenal wine offerings as well.

Take a quick trip with us up the PCH and stay just north of the border as we highlight a few amazing places to explore in Southern California for your next west coast wine adventure.

San Diego

San Diego begins our brief tour near the southernmost point in California. According to California Wines, this beach destination is actually home to the state’s oldest grapes, and grows cabernet grapes at a higher elevation than anywhere else in the state!

Slightly north and a little inland, you’ll find the Bernardo Winery. More than a century old, and still kicking out great vintages, Benardo hosts bands, tastings and even a farmer’s market for local and tourists to enjoy. You’ll get a sampling of Italian-style wines with California flair.

For the urbanite, give Négociant a try. This hip, modern winery in North Park also offers some wines in the European style with a handful of Fracophilic varietals. The Negociant aesthetic is where on-point design meets wonderful wine.

While your in San Diego, hit up Point Loma, Balboa Park and the Midway Museum. And, of course, make sure to catch an unparalleled San Diego sunset.

Temecula Valley

In contrast to its southerly cousin, Temecula is among the newer wine growing regions to join the ranks of seriously active production in California. Discover California Wines notes that this region has dense coastal fog, creating conditions ideal for Rhone and, like San Diego, Italian wines.

Situated north and inland of San Diego proper, Temecula Valley has a wine-based economy despite its relative newness as a major wine making region. Much like Napa, Temecula is a great retreat for those looking for a variety of wineries, some outdoor adventure and recreation, and spa relaxation. Visit Temecula suggests visitors check out Vail Lake Resort for their stay in Temecula.

We didn’t forget the wine! Temecula boasts more than 40 vineyards, but some of the top rated include the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa, where you can have a luxuriant wine tasting and vineyard exploration experience. For the food and wine connoisseur, don’t miss the rustic Leoness Cellars. Here old country European design and sprawling vineyards create a cozy, natural experience for wine tasting.

Los Angeles

There are few cities as cosmopolitan as Los Angeles. As an international center, LA has a diverse mix of cultures, thriving tourism and endless things to see and do. Whether you’re checking out Hollywood or the Hills, doing some shopping or sightseeing, catching amazing entertainment, or simply soaking up sun, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do in the city of angels.

Indeed, many folks visit LA looking for a quintessential California experience, but forget to explore the region’s incredible vineyards and wineries. While we might be a little partial, we’re pretty stoked about all there is to see and do at the stunning Saddlerock property of Malibu Wines, where guests can enjoy entertainment, markets and more—all while getting to try some amazing SoCal wines, from muscat to cab to pinot gris. Did we mention you can even enjoy one of the premier wine safaris?

And, with our many unique tasting rooms, you can choose the environment that suits you while never leaving the crown of Southern California.