One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating and drinking.

Maybe it's time for a celebration, a dinner party, or a weekend gathering. What's one of our first moves when getting together, we grab a drink and nibble on an assortment of treats. So, how do we recognize a joyous, somber and most all occasions? We pour a glass, pop a bottle or mix a drink. 

We have this compelling theory that alcohol and food bring people together. Sharing words over a meal cheering over shots, slipping hand-in-hand into a drunken haze, having a good ole cry session with your favorite munchies and booze, all the makings of a legendary bonding session.

The nature of drinking and eating lend to speaking from the heart, making new friends and enjoying the company of old friends. We let our guards down and we're open to all kinds of thoughts. The whole experience makes for a very heartfelt experience.

Conversations can reach that most delicious of tenors: the generalizable personal. just remember think to oneself: no one anywhere on earth is having a better time than this. People might be having as much fun, but no one is happier than I am at this moment.

After the toughest of months America has had to face, let's give cheers to the people we turn to drink with in order to let loose, bond and reflect.