Once upon a time, people drank wine out of flagons, horns, and even animal skin. Nowadays, we’ve almost all transitioned over to the wine glass. But let’s face it: not everyone is about the delicate stem and breakable glass, despite how much these qualities can aid in maximum enjoyment. At home, we’ve all got something we’ll drink wine out of when nobody is looking.

So, what does your preferred wine container say about you? 


If you don’t deviate from the glass, you’re a dependable traditionalist. Your predictability and probable sophistication make you a reliable friend and the go-to for social etiquette. You’re probably the wizened one in most of your circles, with the ability to appreciate that some things take a little more effort and care to be properly enjoyed. Don’t let your consistency and play-by-the-rules mentality keep you from having fun though.

Red Solo Cup

Some of you just said, “Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one.” Some of you just gasped. If you’re in the former category, your carefree and unpretentious attitude makes you the life of the party. With an enviable ability to shrug off social norms and “do you,” you’re able to find enjoyment without pomp and circumstance. Still, you could get somewhere by coloring inside the lines from time-to-time…but only every once and while.


Drink wine out of a mug? You’re either a Viking-wannabe or among the most painfully practical people out there. Believing that the mug has all the structural benefits of a glass, you’re able to distill things down to their most basic parts. Chances are, you’re pretty analytical most of the time, and you’re not much concerned with whether people find you a bit odd. Don’t forget that not everyone shares your perspective, and take some time to see things from another side.

Stemless Glass

Aesthetic drives your choices. The stemless glass’ modern silhouette touts your chic minimalism and social finesse. Sleek, stylish, and a born socialite, you enjoy the sexy side of wine and it’s ability to bring people together. Always down for a good time, and good at not taking yourself too seriously, you can still hold your own with the wine snobs. Make sure you’re using your powers of attraction for good.

The Bottle

Well, you’re “that guy.” That guy with tales to rival any your comrades could tell. You read Hemingway, and you say, “Oh, this reminds me of that time . . . “. You live life to it’s fullest and have at least once considered getting a “YOLO” bumper sticker. Everyone wants you to give their best man speech and sit next to them at Thanksgiving. Entertainment is your wheelhouse, and your gusto and bravado ensure you’re on every guest list. Just don’t break mom’s vase.

No, No, the Other Bottle

So wine isn’t your thing. We won’t go so far as to say we understand, but we do love you anyway. You’re down to earth and easy-going, and a great pal to have around. You’ve got that gift of making everyone feel welcome, and your common sense attitude earns you the respect of many. You’re dependable, and you play well with others, making you a staple in social circles, but not necessarily the wildest one in the room. Don’t sell yourself short; you’re more complex than a lot of people assume.