Wine Gummy Bears

With Superbowl just around the corner, we all know the highlight of Superbowl Sunday is the food, the booze and of course, the endless possible confectionary temptations.

Skittles, Milk Duds, cookies and the like will be present in pilefuls, but if you're like me, you might head straight for the gummy worms or those adorable little Haribo bears. Delightfully chewy, splendidly fruity and just a little bit sweet, gummies are my go-to.

If you’ve been on Facebook Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen the ingenious ways people are making gummy bears even sweeter, and I, for one, am pretty pleased with the results. Most importantly, some wonderful soul figured out how to bring wine into the picture, and we’d be remiss not to pass along something so spectacular.

Below is a slight riff on a recipe where you can see what these tasty treats look like and get some visuals.

Difficulty: Relatively Easy (Gelatin can scare some folks first go-around, but it’s super simple!)

Servings: More than 100, using a standard mold


1 Cup of wine

½ Cup of sugar (You can vary this a little if you’re using a sweeter wine)

3 Tablespoons of gelatin powder

Red and yellow food coloring, if using rosé or multiple varietals of white wine

Gummy bear molds (2-3 should do the trick)

Thermometer (recommended for optimal winey-ness)

1.     Dissolve sugar and gelatin powder into wine over medium-low heat while monitoring temp. Gummies will retain most of the alcohol if the mixture is kept under 90° F.

2.     Keep it on the heat until everything is dissolved—about three minutes.

3.     Add food coloring if you so desire. Different whites can get different amounts of yellow, and rosé demands just a drop or two of red.

4.     Pour into molds. Don’t be lazy, get rid of the excess from over pouring.

5.     Refrigerate for two hours.

6.     Indulge. And when done indulging, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Isn’t adulting the best?  


Recipe and video Cooking with Janica