The Perfect Play for Getting Wine a First Down

Football season has arrived. It’s the season of dips and beer, of jerseys and face paint and, my personal favorite, yelling at the TV screen. With college game days and the big leagues nearly every night of the week these days, football is something of an omnipresent staple in our lives from August to January.

Unfortunately, for us wine buffs, traditional “football culture” with its kegs and bags of chips hasn’t really made a place for wine. This season, whether you’re cheering on your alma mater or rooting for the pros, it’s time to move wine off the sidelines and into the scrimmage.

Gettin’ Fizzy With It

With tailgates and BBQs, football demands something light and refreshing to wash down those game day goodies. For your next football party, include some sparkling wine options, such as a sparkling rosé or sauvignon blanc and sparkling water. Set up a mixers bar of fruits and juices for a little extra splash of flavor, and serve in rocks glasses or small glass cups with ice. This deconstructed and unpretentious presentation will make wine feel more like a cocktail or cooler option. Think of it as moving wine up to first string.

Beer and football may go together like wine and cheese. But lately more and more people seem be favoring a Bordeaux over a Bud Light.  -

Pair it Up

In terms of ways to get people to give wine a try while watching football, this is like a rushing quarterback—unexpected, but often really effective. Create a short menu that pairs up all of your delicious meat offerings (ribs, burgers, brats, etc.) with your “house” red and white. Chances are, your guests will feel much more at ease with a suggested wine that is appropriate for their feast of choice, and you’ll open up the door to switching that beer can out for a wine glass. 

Don’t Forget the Décor

Make a statement with football themed wine décor, starting with the “Winebacker” wine holder. Mega sports merchandiser Fanatics has these for all sorts of college teams, and they’re sure to get the attention of your football loving friends with their clever design that replaces the football with your favorite bottle of wine in the hands of a player.

But what’s a clever wine holder without the proper wineware? Equip your game day with custom wine glasses supporting your favorite teams, and get some spirited wine charms from Charm Me Leigh. She offers custom wine charms that she promises you won’t find anywhere else, including NFL and NCAA teams.