Put A Cork In It!

If your family is big on wine, corks might be saved or tossed out en masse. What we suggest is you start saving Tuesday’s dinner, corks from the big summer party, corks from that rom com night alone, corks from Sunday picnics. 

For what? Well, that massive jar overflowing with corks on your kitchen island can be undoubtedly aesthetic, but even better, put those cork memories to good use.

Cork WIne Glass Charms

Corks can be repurposed into many chic handmade art items, including our suggested wine glass charms. Cheap, customizable and perfectly individualized, these tokens will catch your guests’ eyes and make good use of those excess corks.

Check out this fabulous step-by-step guide (with pictures).

Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 4 charms

Supplies needed:

  • 1 sharp craft or kitchen knife
  • 1 cork, or multiple corks for different textures and sizes.
  • Assorted paint, markers and decorative pens
  • 4 fishhook screws
  • 4 small hoop earring clasps

How to: 

1.     Grip the cork by the ends, pinching firmly as you cut the cork with a sawing motion into 4 equally sized pieces (roughly 1/3 of an inch each). Move the knife back and forth to keep the planes smooth. [Step 2 and Step 3]

You may find that you want to cut the corks into some fun shapes to add some extra individuality. Now’s the time for that!

2.     Once you have your rounds or shapes cut, screw a fishhook screw into the area you want to be the top of the charm. [Step 4]

3.     Decorate your surfaces as you please. These mini canvasses work great with paint or markers, but don’t be afraid to get extra crafty and try some metallic coatings. Alternatively, leave them raw for an extra earthy look. 

4.     Hook the hoop earring through the eye of the fishhook screw.

5.     And viola! Your custom set of wine charms. Send them home with guests as favors, or unscrew the hardware and create new ones for your next shindig.

Cork artwork compliments of Peyton Bell,

Cover photo by blog.consumercrafts.com

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