Nothing spells summer quite like some oh-so-refreshing sangria. Hailing from the Iberian peninsula, this beverage of fruit steeped in red wine is a sweet and complex drink that is as beautiful as it is tasty. Easy to make and delicious to drink, there’s sure to be a sangria recipe to appease any palette. Since this drink emerged in ancient times, it has evolved tremendously to appeal to wine drinkers of all kinds, offering a refreshing experience with flavors that cool anyone down when the sun is hot.

Classic Red Sangria

“Sangria” is derived from the Spanish “sangre,” meaning “blood,” paying homage to the deep red color of the most orthodox brand of sangria. The dry, bold and spicy red wine used for this variety balances richness with fruits like orange and apple, and often a sweet, dry liquor like brandy. Reminiscent of mulled wine, sangria gets it’s sweet, spicy and fruity profile from some serious time spent soaking the freshest fruit in a red wine of your choosing.

This recipe from Lauren Aloise of Spanish Sabores blog is one worth bookmarking. Not only does she offer some history on this beautiful beverage, but she offers up a traditional recipe that is a must-have in your bar book.

Watermelon White Sangria

You just can’t beat this mash-up of two of the most summery things we can think of: watermelon and white wine. Cookie + Kate’s creation is probably one of the most beautiful sangrias out there, and it skews to the lighter side for those who just aren’t down for the bold experience of traditional sangria.

Our favorite thing about this blend is the addition of some St. Germain—one of the most unique and overlooked liqueurs out there that is sure to elevate any cocktail. Sweet, fruity, floral and aromatic, St. Germain plays effortlessly well with watermelon, raspberries and bright lime.

Cookie + Kate got it right with this sophisticated and simple sangria that will leave white wine drinkers wowed.

Strawberry and Peach Rose Sangrai

Peach sangria is a probably one of the most well-known non-red varieties of sangria, offering up a sweetness that pairs well with pinot grigio or Riesling topped with a splash of seltzer to give it the ultimate lightness.

What’s Gaby Cooking’s strawberry and peach rosè sangria recipe is exactly what you need for your next GNO or day by the pool. Using both sauvignon blanc and rose, this fruit-packed sangria is summer in a glass. Plus, it has a fizzy finish that is sure to make a warm July day even brighter. 

Though sangria originated from Spain for drinking during those hot summer days and usually only  at parties from the "worst of wines". here in the States it's taken on a tradition of its own, adding brandy, tequila, champagne, rum or anything fun.  And, every culture can agree that the essential ingredient to sangria is the fruit -oranges, lemons, limes, berries, you name it, sangria season has arrived.