One of the greatest joys of being a wine drinker is the experience of learning about the nuances of different regions and varietals, and sharing that knowledge with those you love. For many who enjoy drinking wine, it becomes something of a lifestyle that is woven throughout cooking, home décor and travel. The most enthusiastic wine drinkers will even find that it makes for a great conversation piece.

From the splendid colors to the stunning landscapes, the wine aesthetic offers much for the home environment, but like anything good in a bottle, it’s best when shared. We’ve curated a selection of outstanding table-top books on wine that make the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table or bar area, while offering friends, family and guests an engaging and informative look at the fundamentals of viniculture.


Living with Wine: Passionate Collectors, Sophisticated Cellars, and Other Rooms for Entertaining, Enjoying, and Imbibing

The most dedicated wine-lovers make a hobby out of collecting, and with that comes the need for some serious storage space. Enjoy a glimpse of some of the most unbelievable wine cellars across the world. The architectural and design concepts in Samantha Nestor and Alice Fiering’s beautiful book is a fine display of functional space and artistic splendor.

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That

In this wholly interactive experience by Richard Betts, one of the world’s few master sommeliers, wine lovers and learners alike can deconstruct the many-layered scents of assorted varietals. If you’ve ever wanted to speak the language of the wine elite, but wanted to learn in a down-to-earth way, this book is for you. Betts’ genius publication is not only an accessible read—it’s also at an accessible price, making it the perfect gift for your friends and family dabbling in wine.

Reasons Mommy Drinks

Lyranda Martin-Evans aptly titled her book after what every new parent mutters under their breath now and then. In this comedic and breezy read, you can reward yourself with a delicious cocktail recipe after each humorously relatable anecdote. Throw this in the gift bag for your next baby shower. It might just be one of the most useful things the new mom in your receives.  

Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook

Max McCalman finally did exactly what we’ve all been meaning to do, and he did it in a wonderfully functional way. The mythical, and somehow evasive knowledge of which wine goes with which cheese is another custom viniculture that simply needs to be brought down to earth. We can’t promise you’ll be able to pronounce all the varieties of cheeses (oh, wait, there are pronunciation guides!), but there are 50 pairings to keep it interesting. With this kitchen essential, you have no reason to fear the cheese plate, and you’ve always got something delicious to accompany all the wine you’re endeavoring to explore.