Stunning wedding venues that embrace California’s natural beauty

Are you at ‘that age’ where the friends you took algebra with are starting to get married? And, your social channels are flooded with photos of couples and more couples. 

July's always that month where white dresses are filling up Instagram feeds in abundance and the warm summer sunshine brings west coast weather to a prime. Can anyone really blame the lovebirds for wanting to celebrate matrimony at the height of summer?

California has the unique advantage of spanning more latitudes than any other state in the union. Because of this, it captures a wide range of geographies, climates and stunning natural landscapes that make it a hotspot for outdoor weddings.

From north and south, here are some of our favorite places to tie the knot in the Golden State: 


Aston Lakeland Village Resort

With year-round snow-capped peaks, what’s more refreshing in the heat of summer than an escape with your sweetheart against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada? Say your vows at venue that needs no adornment with unobstructed views of Lake Tahoe and accommodations for a guest list of any size. Perfect for the outdoorsy couple that wants to say “I do” in a setting full of California’s most awe-inspiring natural beauty, Aston Lakeland Village is a rustic, lodge-inspired resort that caters to the recreational enthusiasts.

With all the creature comforts your guests will love, plus all the outdoor adventure you can imagine (jet-skis, horseback riding, parasailing…the list goes on), Aston Lakeland Village offers an exciting itinerary for the wedding weekend.  If you want to water-ski in your wedding dress and have wedding photos your friends will envy, consider the natural splendor of northern California. 

Cornerstone Gardens

Artistic, modern and unexpectedly outdoors, the Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma County need little added decoration with the ultra-contemporary sculptures and creative outdoor spaces. For the wine lovers and lovebirds, you can have your ceremony right in front of a stunning expanse of vineyard, followed by an elegant natural reception under a breathtaking Sperry Tent. Clean, elegant and positively luminous, this space is a canvas for your wedding dreams. The Wedding Garden offers a pathway of lit trees and an unobstructed view of beautiful summer sunsets. Plus, you can get your wedding photos amidst some of the most beautiful outdoor sculptures in Northern California.

The Barn at Healdsburg Country Gardens

The Healdsburg Country Gardens are rife with beautiful outdoor spaces for you to say, “I do.” The Barn is a standout, offering guests a bit of down home charm in rural California beauty. With vineyards, lawns and gorgeous landscapes of flowers and trees, The Barn structure hearkens romance with it’s century-old charm. Perfect for dancing the night away with your sweetheart and guests, the 25-foot ceilings and aged wood will inspire love and camaraderie. The Gardens also offer a stunning and open air reception space and two onsite cottages for those near and dear. Plus, their packages offer discounted access to exclusive wines. 

Saddlerock Ranch

Where the Santa Monica Mountains become sloping, vineyard-covered hills and the temperatures stay slightly cooler throughout the summer months, we call it “Malibu Wine Country.” It's one of Southern California's local grape-growing regions with a mystique that makes for beautiful weddings. 

Embracing the quintessence of Southern California, rural meets opulent in an open green space with arboreal beauty.  Historic oak trees, avocado trees, dirt roads, art statues, antique collectables and more than 1,000 acres of hills inspires romance and warmth in an open air environment that lends itself to any style wedding with five spaces as unique as the happy couples themselves. Enjoy rustic simplicity on the ranch, overgrown romance in the garden, elegant intimacy at Chateau le Dome, boho-chic at Camp Cabernet vintage trailer park setting  or wooded beauty at the Oak Grove and don't miss out on photo opps with the ranch's exotic pet collection including Stanley, the celebrity giraffe.

Hotel del Coronado

You can’t go much further south before hitting Baja than San Diego. Full of cultural fusion and tropical relaxation, San Diego is a full departure from rocky northern neighbors with warm, beautiful sandy beaches. The Hotel del Coronado (which translates to “Hotel of the Crowned”; pretty swanky, right?) blends luxury with coastal charm in a sprawling resort on the lower California coast. Have white wedding on white sands, and make some of the world’s most majestic sunsets the background to your big day. Guests will enjoy the blue Pacific waters and the beach club-inspired aesthetic of this luxury resort. Surf, swim, sip and tan as breezes blow from south-of-the-border.

From north to south, California’s got it all for any couple planning the biggest party of their lives. Whether your vibe is outdoorsy, intimate, romantic or relaxed, the Golden State has an outdoor wedding venue for you.