Long evenings call for your best in entertaining. Dinner parties and cocktail hours alike can take a sun-kissed breath of fresh air as you move your dining experiences outdoors for the summer.

From experience, we know our local Malibu dinner parties always call for something out of the ordinary, and we’ve got some simple tips to make summer swanky. From reimagining your seating to jazzing up a classic dip, you’ll have the solstice party that will be on everyone’s lips until winter.

Own the Solstice

Summer solstice 2016 falls on June 20, which means you’ve got just enough time to pull something fabulous together. This date is the longest day of the year, and it’s nature’s way of telling us to celebrate life. However, the summer solstice is often overlooked as a prime time for a relaxed gathering. Claim this day to flex your entertaining skills, and carry the theme of light and summer throughout your event.

Nix the Tables

Whether you have a loft apartment or a sprawling back yard, you can make a statement by taking a tip from the east and setting up some cozy floor settings. Brightly patterned blankets and pillows can help construct a dining area to perfectly complement some Moroccan tapas or chai tea times.  It’s even better when you can set up this picnic style shindig outside, and guests can enjoy the coolness of being close to the ground for their dining experience, while immersing themselves in an atmosphere of total relaxation.


Take it Tall

If tables are more your speed, think about creating intimate conversations and adding some outdoor highboys to your patio. These tall, small rounds are great for pods of two or three to catch up with a cocktail and some appetizers, and will foster great conversation as people come and go. They also take up very little space, so you can still have a spread or formal setting for the main event.


Deconstructed Florals

The bouquet has a longstanding tradition of being elegantly, if not painfully arranged. The assortment of colors hearkens images of Monet and Matisee. But what if you broke the rules a little bit, and broke down that floral arrangement. Consider having vases of varying heights hold bundles of flowers of the same type, and placing them in one grand arrangement. The visual effect is clean, and guests will appreciate your modern aesthetic and nod to elevated elegance.

Hummus Among Us  

If dip were a bread, it would be hummus. With a hint of lemon and smooth texture, hummus is a canvas for flavor. But what makes a great dinner party is allowing for everyone to get a little something they like. Make a fresh batch of hummus, and set up a feast of toppings. Think roasted garlic, pine nuts, spices, peppers and herbs. Serve with some plain toasted pita, and allow each guest to have their own experience.

These easy-to-implement tips can transform your summer gathering and earn you some serious points in the party-throwing category. With a dash of Malibu style, a refreshing selection of white and rosè wine, and some refreshing summer dishes, you can party still the sun goes down…and we all know it’ll be a while!