There’s no doubting that we here at Malibu Family Wines approach wine as a way of life. Our favorite drink has brought people together for millennia, and its enduring qualities of richness, refinement and refreshment has earned wine an unrivaled place as a cultural symbol. 

One artist has developed a truly original approach to capturing this symbolism in stunning hyper-realistic paintings featuring some of the most coveted bottles of wine in some of their most intimate presentations. 

His name is Thomas Arvid, and his passion and talent are unmatched when it comes to getting at the essence of what a bottle of wine means for those enjoying it. His skillful portrayal—rich in texture and color—invites viewers into the moment and hearkens the most poignant emotions that wine evokes. 


Arvid’s command of light and perspective creates truly remarkable presentations of wine, many of which hail from the California coast. His paintings represent moments of connection, and the literal openness of the wine serves as a centerpiece around which other elements—such as corks, corkscrews and wine glasses—are positioned. 

The subtle details of the wine’s vintage, origin and arrangement are enhanced by one’s own experiences with the subject. The trappings of wine drinking in Arvid’s work put technology into conversation with rustic simplicity, emphasizing the timelessness, beauty and intimacy of sharing wine. As luxurious as the subjects he captures, an Arvid canvas transforms an environment it lives in by drawing you in closer than you’ve ever been to wine’s most emotive elements. 

Explore his work, and be on the lookout for other artists who make wine their muse in future blogs from Malibu Family Wines’ Varietal Magazine.