Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. 

Now, I’m going to pat myself on the back here and say that I have historically performed well in the gift giving department in deferential celebration of this corporate machine designed to sell, sell, sell in the Name of love. 

But let’s face it: it feels nice to get a present just because someone loves you. No matter how much you hate the mushy-gushy, you can’t help but to get a little red in the cheeks when you open a romantic present. 

Speaking of red (or white or rosè), I think you should try making this Valentine’s Day a “Valen-wine’s” Day. (I figured I’d try that out with you all first before using it in my card this year.) 

I’ve done the work for you, and I have prepackaged a few vinial gifts for those who believe nothing says love quite like wine.

The Artsy and Amorous 

They shop at the thrift store, damn the commercialized holiday and wouldn’t dare let you know that they want something sweet and sappy.  You can’t go with tradition on this one—they like being different, and it’s what you like about them. They’re the artsy and amorous. 

So what wine-spired gift do you get these hipsters? Let’s throw them a curveball and get them a dark and complex 2012 Semler Mourvedre. It’s as hard to put in a box as they are (not literally). 

Don’t stop there; pair the wine with something that shows you pay attention to their unique side. Get them a few of HuffPost’s 18 Most Hipster Books Of All Time. Might I recommend The Kraus Project…a timeless rejection of, well, anything mainstream. 

Then, bring them aboard the Queen Mary for wine tasting adventure that will make even the most boho beloved feel like they’re doing something different.

The Basic Bae

Valentine’s Day—or romance at any time—can easily be communicated with wine and chocolate. It’s a safe bet, and this first pairing makes use of our NV Saddlerock Sparkling Rose.  

Keep it light and celebratory for a more basic bae with sweet, fresh and crisp fizzy wine, and pair it with some classic but classy gourmet chocolates from Jacques Torres in a 50-piece milk chocolate mixer. 

Top off Cupid’s holiday with a visit to our Malibu tasting room—a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for budding romances and diamond anniversaries alike.

The Chic Mon Cherie 

If the sensual blend of warm, rich and sweet makes you think of that special someone, they deserve the best. Show them with the 2013 King of the Mountain Cuvée.

But don’t stop there: they like to be seen on the scene. Skip the chocolates and win with this wine tasting at the Four Seasons Westlake Village. Keep this upscale affair one to remember, and book a night together.