“Kathy, what’s your resolution?”

“To find more excuses to drink wine?”

“So you want to drink more?”

“No, I just want more valid reasons to.”

Are you entering the New Year with the same ambitions as Kathy? I hope so. To help facilitate your endeavor, we’ve got a list of days to put in your iPhone calendar to make every day a day worth celebrating with wine. We’ve curated these great finds from our friends at Wine Folly (with downloadable events for your calendar) and Wine Club Group.

February 18th- National Drink Wine Day (not to be confused with National Wine Day)

March 3rd- National Mulled Wine Day

April 17th- International Malbec Day

April 24th- International Sauvignon Blanc Day

May 9th- National Moscato Day

May 21st- National Chardonnay Day 

May 25th- National Wine Day (US)

June 2nd-3rd- WineMaker International Wine Competitions

June 11th- National Rosé Day

August 18th- National Pinot Noir Day

Month of September- California Wine Month

September 3rd- International Cabernet Day

October 12th- Drink Local Wine Week (US)

Third Thursday in November- Beaujolais Nouveau Day

November 7th- International Merlot Day

November 19th- National Zinfandel Day

December 5th- Prohibition Repeal Day (US)

December 20th- National Sangria Day (US)

December 31st- Champagne Day

I think we all are ready for a farewell toast to 2016, as well as a hearty “Salud!” to 2017. Stay tuned throughout the year as we offer up creative ways to celebrate some of these fantastic wine holidays.  #NewYearsResolution #DrinkMoreWine