Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Wine Lovers

You’re doubtlessly starting to feel the strain of holiday shopping. The roads are getting more congested (if that’s possible for Los Angeles) and the lines are getting longer. You have trendy, high-maintenance friends and family members. Worry not, we’ve got your back. (Insert winky emoji here.)

Holiday time is all about unwinding with some wine and whimsy, right? So visit Malibu Wines on Mulholland Highway, and pick up some of these great gifts. They’ll be impressed by your not-so-mainstream finds, and you’ll have gotten some personal wine time out of it.

Shiraleah Chicago Scarves



 In our fall fashion post, we reminded you about the effortlessly classic addition of a scarf to your chilly weather look. And, as we move into winter, this accessory is still a must-have. Shiraleah Chicago has boldly patterned, high-quality designs that can give any outfit a pop of color and energy. We love the unique patterns and bohemian tassels that make these scarves totally chic

Soap For…

Holiday Soaps


Artisinal bath products make wonderful stocking stuffers and small gifts. People tend to remember you fondly for gifts like these since they tend to enjoy them when they’re at their most relaxed. With personal flavor, you can get “Soap For the Naughty,” for the “Ugly Sweater” (great pun!), and for the deadpan humor friend, for the “Generic Gift.” These lovely scents and holiday themes are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Sugarboo Canvas Bags


The typewritten print design has been a hipster stronghold for quite some time now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. These canvas bags make excellent clutches to go with any look, or can simply keep things organized on your desk at home. With dozens of quotes from folks like Kerouac and Hepburn, you can get something that truly represents the mantra of your friends with these fashionable and practicable canvas zip pouches.

GlitterVille Cactus Ornament  


The ethos of the southwest is one of minimalism and rugged beauty, and in addition to ponchos and desert landscapes, the cactus has been something of a hip symbol lately. Appeal to the pioneer in everyone with a prickly black cactus ornament from GlitterVille, a company featured by Oprah in her favorite things this year.

 Forest Feast Gatherings


We introduced farm-to-table ideas for you and yours earlier this year, and we’re pleased to feature this outstanding cookbook for even more inspiration.  Full of fresh and tasty ideas for a true vegetarian feast, this stunning cookbook is perfect for that chef in your life looking to embrace the freshness and flavor of an original vegetarian meal.  

So shop our large collection of gifts for wine lovers and find the perfect item you're looking for that will make your inner vino snob smile.