Here’s the scene: you’re sitting by the fire, sipping on something festive, and gazing at those mesmerizing settings of your dining room and living room. As your eyes continue to take in the room, you feel the warmth of all your efforts that went into designing the beautifully elegant, yet simple, tablescape that will surely impress your family and friends as they sip and savor. And as a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, you can think of no better way to bring your two passions of wine and the holidays together than showcasing your handmade or store bought treasures to those you love. 

 Follow these tips for a uniquely warm and personal holiday celebration.

Start at the Door

 From the moment your guests arrive, greet them with a gracious hello and that perfect glass of petite shirah in a whimsical wine glass that you have adorned with that personal touch. These festive “chalkboard” wine tags provide just the right touch of holiday pop that your guest will appreciate and want to duplicate. Plus, these customizable tags allow you to personalize for each guest’s holiday or faith traditional…another way we can bring everyone around the table for some vino!  

 Individual Elegance

 As your friends and family begin to gather around your wine inspired holiday table, showcase that thoughtful side of your accessorizing with CorksdeVine’s initialed napkin holders that your guests will be more than happy to take home with them as a token of their wonderful evening spent in your home. Personalizing anything shows you went that extra step in wanting to make everyone feel special.  Add holiday flare when you slide in a sprig of rosemary or evergreen to your napkin ring, or perhaps even a candy cane as another festive take-home goody.

 Set the Mood

Take a seat, dim the lights, and to add that extra touch of ambiance as you begin to feast, fill the table with candles—lots of wine-inspired candles. We love these from Napa Uncorked, which are made out of recycled wine bottles. They provide the perfect mood, not mention that sweet scent of aromatic wine. Your guests will feel like they are dining in the vineyard.  

 For some added touches, adorn your table and banisters with grapes and greenery. With a small fishhook screw, you can turn a cork into an ornament in no time, carrying your vinicultural obsession throughout.

As the evening starts to “wine" down, your home should be glistening with all the magical touches throughout. You can ensure a beautiful and warm environment by adding a little wine-spired décor everywhere, using some of the festive and elegant designs from Useful DIY Projects. You can adapt almost any of these for the holidays, but we love #7, #17 and #22 for a delightful nod to wine in your holiday decorations.

The most important thing for any holiday gathering is to make your home a place so comfortable that your guests will want to sit for hours drinking good wine, sharing stories, laughing and making memories. After all, good wine, great friends and family are really the best compliment to any holiday decor.