Pronunciation: broot 

Origins and Details: Sparkling wine can be found all over the world. You are probably most familiar with Champagne from France. Here in California, we use the same traditional method that has been used in Champagne for centuries. The term Brut means "dry," so don't expect a brut to be sweet! Instead, it will be clean, crisp and refreshing. We love the way the bubbles dance around on the taste buds! 

How It's Made: The bubbles generally come from one of two methods: the traditional way is through natural fermentation. The non-traditional way is carbon dioxide injection. We may live near Hollywood, but we don't want any injections in our wines! 




Ours is Grown In: North Coast, CA 

Tasting Notes: The Sparkling Brut is made in the traditional French method of Champagne production; it is pale gold in color, with aromas of green apple and pear along with notes of citrus. It has tiny and lively bubbles with crisp acidity on the palate, finishing with a hint of toasted brioche. 

Alcohol Content: 14%

Pairs Well With: a celebration! We love mixing the Sparkling Brut with juices from Pressed Juicery for a fun twist on a Mimosa. We're planning on trying out some gourmet popcorn recipes. Which do you like better? Lemon, Parmesan and Black Pepper Popcorn  from Cookie and Kate or Truffled Popcorn from Food and Wine? Tell us in the comments!

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