It's October, ladies and gentlemen, and you know what that means! Pumpkin will have a monopoly on our food and beverage choices until Thanksgiving rolls around. If you don't believe me, check out your local Trader Joe's. If you stand outside and squint your eyes, the whole store has an orange glow from the various pumpkin offerings. 

As an October baby, a Halloween lover, and a Thanksgiving fanatic, I have no problem embracing the pumpkin mania. Others might be more hesitant, and I understand. You're probably asking "Rachael, what could possibly be so special about a pumpkin?" To which I'll respond, "Will you give it a chance if there's wine involved?" And you'll slowly nod your head because we both know you'll never say no to a fun new pairing. 

The Entree

Thank you to Country Living for this recipe! Have you ever seen such an adorable meal? The entire thing fits in the palm of your hand, but with couscous and sweet Italian sausage, it's enough to stick to your ribs on a chilly October night. 

This dish is savory and a little bit sweet, so we need something crisp and acidic to balance out the pumpkin and sausage flavors. I'd recommend a Pinot Noir and a toasty fireplace. 



Why should we stop after dinner? There can never be too much pumpkin! How about this Pumpkin Pie Creme Brulee? Let's all take a moment to pause and appreciate this dessert. We salute you, Guy Fieri. 

One of my favorite aspects of Creme Brulee is it's delicate sweetness. This means that anything too bold will overwhelm it, but a slightly sweet varietal, like a Muscat or a Gewerztraminer, will complement it nicely. 

Now that you've been converted to a pumpkin lover, invite your friends over and show off a few festive fall pairings!