Have you ever found yourself on a beach, surrounded by surfers, and completely lost as to what they're saying? We've got you covered. Consider this your comprehensive list of surf lingo, brought to you by our resident surfer and translator, Shane Semler. 

Surf Lingo

Brah - Friend.

Grom - A young kid.  Usually with long blonde hair, a surfboard and incorrect grammar. 

LD - Little Dume.  Word to the wise - don't go here without a local. 

Westward - The part of Zuma Beach with free parking. 

MLO - Malibu Locals Only.  

Oarons - Paddle boarders.  A combination between "Oar" and "Morons." 

Live Like Laird - Be cool like Laird Hamilton.  A professional big wave surfer who is married to Gabrielle Reese. 

Sicky - Cool. Example: That party was sicky brah.

Pepperhead - Pepperdine students.  

Shoot the Pier like Sarlo - Do something really epic. Based on legendary surfer Alan Sarlo who surfs under the Malibu pier on big south swells. 

Dillon Perillo - A professional surfer from Malibu who rides for Rip Curl. 

County Slime - County Line Beach. Where all the kooks go. Also great for lobster and biker gangs. 

Lobbies - Lobsters.

Surf Lingo

Let's put it all together, shall we? 

Brah, it was so sicky last night. We dove at LD and got so many lobbies.  Living like laird! 

Now you know.