At one time or another, we've all had trouble choosing which wine to order at a restaurant, or we've been overwhelmed by the rows of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir bottles glistening on a store's shelves. Luckily, there's a tool to help you choose the perfect wine: your phone! We've compiled a list of the best free apps to find styles that will match your palate and your budget.


Cheese Cupid

Available on iPhone

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board created this app to help you discover the perfect cheese to pair with whatever's in your glass. The process takes just seconds. Pick from white wine, red wine, beer, and liquor, and Cheese Cupid will lead you to the finest fromage for that flavor. Cheddar is better with Pinot Gris, for example, while a Riesling calls for Asiago. The beverage selections on this app even come complete with dating website-like profiles. Hopefully, you'll find a pairing that's been hit by Cupid's arrow.


Hello Vino

Available on iPhone and Android

Think of Hello Vino as a personal assistant for wine. The home page asks whether you're pairing wine with a meal, bringing it to a cookout, buying a bottle for a special occasion, or just looking for a spring sipper. Once you choose the appropriate option, the app gets down to details. Is the cookout celebrating a graduation or the Fourth of July? What's the main flavor in the pasta that you're eating? You'll get results that include highly rated wines, wines that cost less than $10, and other varieties that you might enjoy based on your answers. Through the app, you can even request a phone call from an on-call wine concierge or get a safe ride home.



Available on iPhone and Android

Delectable can be especially helpful when you're looking to buy a bottle of wine for a party, as a gift, or to drink during a Netflix binge watching marathon. Take a photo of a wine label, and the app will instantly show you the origin, wine style, and reviews from other users and wine pros. You'll even have the option to buy a bottle of that wine through the app. Delectable is also kind of like Instagram for wine lovers, since you can post the photos you take, follow friends and wine experts, and read over their taste insights.



Available on iPhone

Say you're out of town or on the way to a friend's house, and you don't know where to buy a bottle of wine. Just open Snooth, click on the "Nearby Wine Stores" option, and you'll immediately find a map with the closest locations to you. If you're unsure about what kind of wine you want, the app has a tool that lets you filter by color, price, country of origin, flavor, and varietal. Select a result, and you'll get to see how people have rated that wine and what it costs at stores near you. You can then browse similar wines by winery, region, and type. Snooth also features articles on the latest wine trends and varieties.



Available on iPhone and Android

Look at Merriam-Webster, and you'll find that one definition of the word "plonk" is "cheap wine that is not of good quality." This app, however, is quite the opposite, helping you find high-quality wines based on grape varieties and wine styles. Whether you're a novice or connoisseur, you're sure to learn something new with Plonk's A-to-Z chart of grape varieties. Click on a selection, and you'll find helpful information about each grape's region and taste, a pronunciation guide, and other grapes you might like based on that selection. Other sections of the app help you choose wines based on trends, style, country of origin, and what you're eating.