I have a few guilty pleasures. Among them are P!nk’s Glitter album, those heinous little oatmeal cream pies and, after many a night on the town, those yummy fried shoestring potatoes from our pal, Ronald McDonald. 

“McDonald’s fries, Aaron?” you may ask, aghast. 

“What ever could this have to do with wine?”

Well, thank you for asking.

I’m a firm believer in non-obvious pairings, and where I hail from on the East Coast, there’s a Ronald McDonald House that’s done something really unique for the past seven years. 

Each year at EverBank field, where those err…dedicated Jacksonville Jaguars play…the “Red Shoe Crew” (RMHC’s young professionals group) hosts an accessible shindig that called “Fries With That Wine.” The event raises money to support families who stay at Ronald McDonald House while their children receive specialized medical care at an outstanding regional hospital.

Lucky for me, it’s exactly what it sounds like. In a swanky terrace suite, wine is paired with dollar menu delicacies where the up-and-comers from around the city can enjoy crunchy, salty, fries and a remarkable sampling of adult beverages, including wine. 

Like all good things with wine, the event brings people together to socialize, relax and, in this case, support an excellent cause. 

Do a daring pairing at your next fundraiser, gala or house party. At the very least, you’ll give guests something to talk about and remember. Might I suggest oaky chardonnay and oatmeal cream pies?