“He’s part of the ‘club,’” said my mom, ogling over the new guy she was dating.

 “It’s so smart, you just get it all shipped right to you.”

It was sweet, to see mom so happy, and like all good sons, I feigned what interest I could. She was describing her beau’s “wine club,” which didn’t make a whole lot of sense to then-underage me and my lack of vinial knowledge. 

As new-guy simply became mom’s guy, and as I passed the proverbial milestone of two decades and a year on this earth, I began to recognize that perhaps this seemingly pretentious membership was a nifty idea. 

So, what is a wine club? 

Well, have you ever joined a fan club for a band? A booster club for a sports team? You can frame up a wine club in similar terms. 

More or less, a wine club is a way that vineyards can engage more closely with their drinkers. You make an upfront commitment to buying a certain number of bottles every month or every few months, and in return, you get a better price-per-bottle, as well as exclusive offers and access to perks like parties, first tastes and the convenience of at-your-door delivery. If you happen to live near the vineyard, you can probably even drum up a few extra perks for your social schedule, such as parties and tastings. 

I loved that mom’s guy always had a wine for the occasion, and while you and I might not have full-on, hundred-bottle wine refrigerators, we can certainly appreciate having enough of a stock dropped right at our doorstep to entertain and get us through the month.

Malibu Wines invites you to join the club—or perhaps consider giving the gift of membership to a wine-loving friend. With a three-bottle minimum, customization and reasonable shipping, our wine club offers tastings, VIP party invites and special pricing opportunities. 

Be a part of the Malibu Family today. We’d love to have you.