Wine-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Wine-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to liven up any soiree. From bachelorette parties and birthday shindigs to wedding receptions, including a scavenger hunt can add variety, adventure and  a lot of fun--especially when it’s wine themed. But, with so many things to consider, planning a scavenger hunt can feel a little intimidating. That’s why this little guide can help you put on a successful scavenger hunt.


Choose A Theme And Location

Having a them when planning your scavenger hunt adds a sense of continuity to your outing. If you’re hosting a bachelorette party, the theme is already set and would involve cheeky activities, such as getting a stranger to practice walking the bride-to-be down the aisle. But, since we’re all about wine we’ll stick with wine as our theme.

California offers plenty of wine tour options that could be used as the location, but for this hunt we’ll keep the location generic. Think about a local neighborhood, or restaurant or entertainment district with businesses and bars in close proximity to each other. It’s easier and safer to plan for walking, but let’s be realistic; there may not be a walkable option in your area.


Send Out Invitations

Now that you’ve figured out your theme, it’s time to send the invitations. When planning an outing with a large group of people, it’s best to give plenty of advance notice. A month or more ahead of time with a two-week follow up is ideal. But, if that sounds too high maintenance, try to give everyone at least two weeks notice.

On the invitation, make sure to include the start time and how long the hunt will last. You may want to consider deducting points for teams who don’t make it on time to the post-hunt award ceremony. You may also want to let people know they’ll want to dress appropriately and bring a phone to record their shenanigans.


Pre-Hunt Meetup

Pick a central location that has plenty of parking for everyone to meet. And remember to let everyone know that being on time is key--you can’t get started if all participants haven’t arrived. Once everyone has gotten to the meetup location, explain the rules, the end time for the hunt and any other important information such as where they can send their photos while they’re out and about scavenging. Then distribute the list, wish them luck and head to the post-hunt rendezvous point to relax and wait for the fun photos and videos to start coming in so you can award points.


Post-Hunt Award Ceremony Party

This can be a bar or your home. The idea is that everyone will have a chance to get together, share stories and celebrate the winning team. Think about setting up a laptop and projector so everyone can enjoy all the great photos you’ll have to share. Then, when all submissions have been reviewed, it’s time to select a winner. What’s the prize? A great bottle of wine, of course!


Here’s A List To Get You Started (we’ll leave the points up to you)

Get a photo/video of:

A wine bottle shaped fruit or vegetable

A stranger doing a yoga pose with a bottle of wine

A Sommelier holding his/her business card and favorite bottle of wine

Video of a stranger singing Red Red Wine by UB40

Video of a team member opening bottle of wine without a corkscrew

A visual representation of each of the following wine descriptions:







Get These Items

The phone number of a wine store (or winery) employee

Sommelier’s business card

Collect five wine corks--extra points if they’re from five different bars

Inventive wine receptacle (cannot be a cup or glass)


So, that’s it. A quick scavenger hunt guideline. There are so many different ways to host a scavenger hunt, but this will give you the basics.

Get out there, start hunting and have a great time!


Isabella Crisman