Wine Facts for Trivia Buffs - or Any Wine Lover

Wine Facts for Trivia Buffs - or Any Wine Lover

From Jeopardy and the HQ Trivia app, to trivia nights at pubs and bars across the country, trivia games are gaining in popularity.  Even if you’re not all that competitive, it pays to know obscure tidbits of information. So, here are 20 wine facts that can give you an edge at the local trivia night, or at least they can up your cocktail party game.

  1. California is the fourth largest producer of wine after France, Italy and Spain.

  2. Homer's Odyssey and Iliad both contain excellent and detailed descriptions of wine.

  3. There was a law about wine in The Code of Hammurabi. Written in 1750, this earliest and most complete set of written laws stated the punishment for selling fraudulent wine was drowning in the river.

  4. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the divinity in charge of the wine was the goddess Siduri.

  5. The oldest bottle of wine dates from around 325 A.D. It was found in Germany in 1867. It’s housed in the antiquities exhibit in the History Museum of the Pfalz.

  6. Soy sauce contains 10 times the antioxidants of red wine.

  7. Red wines have fewer tannins than do white wines.

  8. Wine can be used as a fruit and vegetable cleaner. The wine’s alcohol dissolves impurities, while other components kill several types of foodborne pathogens like salmonella and E. coli.

  9. There is a free red wine fountain in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It was installed along the Cammino di San Tommaso, a pilgrimage route that runs between Rome and Ortona. And it’s free.

  10. The solid waste left over from wine making is used to produce biofuel.

  11. Prince Charles owns a vintage Aston Martin that runs on the  biofuel made from wine.

  12. In 1833 Los Angeles, Jean-Louis Vignes planted California's first imported European wine vines.

  13. Twenty to 30 years later, a Hungarian soldier would introduce roughly 300 different grape varieties.

  14. It takes about one cluster of grapes for a single glass of wine

  15. It takes about about 600 to 800 grapes to make one bottle of wine.

  16. Englishman, Sir Kenelm Digby, invented the strong green-glass wine bottle in 1633.

  17. Wine legs are a result of the Gibbs-Marangoni effect and not an indicator of quality quality.

  18. It takes wine grape vines about four to five years to grow before they can be harvested.

  19. There are 12 named sizes for wine vessels. Nebuchadnezzar is the largest and holds holds 15L or the equivalent of 20 bottles of wine.

  20. Other measurements include Balthazar (12L) and Methuselah (6L).

Now that you have these little morsels of information, go forth and impress your fellow trivia buffs or happy hour friends.


Isabella Crisman