Wineware For The Beach

Wineware for the Beach

Blue skies, cool water, and warm sun have arrived in Malibu, and we’re ready for a summer full of sipping and sunshine. There are few places that renew your spirit more than sandy beaches full of salt air.

If you have access to a beach this summer where bringing along a bottle of vino is law-abiding leisure, consider these must-have wineware additions to your beach tote. They’ll make sipping in the sun the ultimate relaxation experience, while keeping your wine fresh and flavorful.


Swig Wine Tumbler

Ultra-insulated bottles first swept the nation by storm for coffee and water, so it was only a matter of time until this technology made its way to wines. Swig—a leader in insulated beverage containers—has developed a chic and portable 12 ounce wine cup. Stemless, sealed and in dozens of sassy colors, you can keep your chilled wine cold for hours at the beach. (Though, when has 12 ounces of wine lasted hours?) This is a beach wineware essential for day trips or evening sunset viewing.


Portable Wine Chiller

If you’re super serious about keeping your red, white or rose cool, invest in one of these clever, portable chillers. Asobu Vin Blanc has develop a particularly sleek chiller designed to hold a standard 750 mL bottle of vino. Another insulated invention, this stylish carrier is also padded to avoid breakage during transportation.


The Beach Glass

Some evenings on secluded islands call for the elegance of a stem. The Beach Glass is a gorgeous marriage of form and function. Made out of acrylic and fashioned to look like glass, these uniquely engineered glasses are created to rest in the sand with a stake-like stem. While these are best for evenings when the sun won’t warm your wine too much, they’re a great addition to a sunset beach date that calls for class and charm.

PortoVino Canvas Tote

Earthy canvas and bold colored stripes work for east coast nautical getaways and west coast beach style. The PortoVino tote is designed to haul towels, hats and sunscreen. It also features a built in “party pouch” and spout (conveniently and stylishly concealed) which will hold up to two bottles of your favorite wine. Designed to stay cool and covert, this beach tote will elevate your sunbathing to new levels of radiance.

Fun in the sun has never been easier with this essential suite of wineware. From storing to pouring, we’ve got you covered with back-to-the-beach basics designed specifically with wine in mind. Stock up before the dog days are upon us, and enjoy serious sunshine and wine.

Isabella Crisman